When Is It Smarter To Be Happy or Sad?

“I believe this is a kind of happy/sad,” said the mother to her young daughter as she dropped her off at school.

Can we be happy and sad at the same time?
A happy-kind-of-sad or a sad-kind-of-happy?
Aren’t they two sides of the same coin?

A happy-kind-of-sad might be:

An awesome school is closing its doors while moving to an even bigger and better facility- perhaps even building an entire new building…

And, what abut a sad-kind-of-happy:

Someone inherits a million dollars or wins The Lottery.
They’re pretty happy about it but does this kind of happiness last?
After the initial euphoria…I mean, you can only buy so much stuff.
Then what?

In the first case, even if people miss the intimacy of the old school, its “beginnings”–where it all started–new people will be able to share a ground breaking approach to learning, etc.

In the second case, perhaps the Lotto winner blows it all.
It could be an opportunity for a good learning experience.

Happy-kind-of-sad is like saying, “Something even better is on its way…”

Sad-kind-of-happy is like saying, “This kind of happiness wears off fast…best to sock away some of those millions, or invest it in a biz so the energy doesn’t dissipate.”


Losing money or time for a worthwhile goal–as long as you don’t lose the lesson–could be both a sad-kind-of-happy AND a happy-kind-of-sad.

Happy/Sad ARE really two sides of the same coin–no pun intended.

What are your thoughts?

Do you have some examples of sad/happy experiences you’d like to share?
Can you be happy and sad at the same time? Are they two sides of the same coin?
Leave me a comment below.




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