When Is It Smarter To Be Helpful Or Selfish?



Today was hard.


I delivered five kittens around 5 weeks of age to the humane society after knowing them since they were two days old. (This humane society keeps all animals unless they have an incurable disease.)


I wanted to be selfish and keep them all! So cute–and its nice to have something so new,  so fresh–not like mine who are all getting on in years. I know…it sounds so selfish.


But, rather than be selfish, I helped.


I helped them get on to the next phase of their journey.


But it wasn’t easy letting go at first.


While they played, crawled all over me, came running when I entered the room, or heard the sound of my voice, and put their little heads near mine while I washed their dirty faces after eating their first wet food, I cried torrents of tears.




I became Cat Mama–like their Mama Cat– who brought them to me when she was ready to relinquish the feeding. Voracious wet food eaters those little ones were. This is the second time around that she brought them to me when it was time. Didn’t catch her soon enough for the first time to be the last.


Wild Mama cat knows I’m her friend. Feral Mama Cat, Wild Mama Cat is slowly becoming tamer. I couldn’t get close at first, now she lets me pet, stroke, lift her up halfway but not pick her up. Will she be adoptable? Not sure. Perhaps she will be forever feral.


But, the babies? They can be adopted. It was time to help. They quickly became socialized.


Then it will be Mama Cat’s turn to be helped relinquish the breeding of more adorable babies. I think ten –five each the first and second times–is enough.


I’m grateful I wasn’t selfish. And, that I helped the babies on their journey to their next, and hopefully final Cat Mama or Cat Dada. And, whomever that may be, I know we’ll always –two and four leggeds alike–be connected.


Sometimes it’s good to be selfish. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary!


LIke if you’re a little–or big– fuzzy or a not-so-fuzzy two legged who needs help to your next step on your journey. That’s a good kind of selfish.


Maybe you’re not a fuzzy warm cat, but I’ll bet you’re a fuzzy warm human–with dreams and desires to move forward, or change direction in order to create a life you love.


Maybe you’re stuck and you need a little help to get you to the next step?


Shoot me an email. Let’s make a connection. I’d love to talk to you.




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