Work With Me


I offer mentoring  and coaching for creative entrepreneurs, introverts and solo designer/artists to design a business and life that they love.

It’s What I like to call Movement Mentoring. I work with people in the following ways:

Complimentary Mentoring Sessions

During a complimentary, 30 minute session, I will  pinpoint one thing that could be holding you back from achieving your desired outcome so that I can help  you to move through it and offer a solution that will help you start being the designer of your own life.

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3 Months Worth of Movement Mentoring Sessions

If we both decide we’re a good fit to work together, through weekly calls and emails, we will continue where we began with our breakthrough session. I will help guide you through launching your own creative endeavor, idea, etc., help you uncover  what’s blocking you from moving forward, and help lead you in the right direction to lifting your dream off  the ground.

By learning through my expertise, I can help you build your confidence through exercises, meditations, mantras, and my overall experience and training in mentoring people over the last five years so that you can begin to be the designer of your life.

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Ask about VIP Days


Training and Expertise

Coming soon!


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