Am I ADDICT? (Self Test)

Whenever we consumed alcohol or drugs, we convinced ourselves by saying, “I can have control over it”. This might be true at the starting. Is it true now? No. We used to live a very simple life until when we met addictions.  You may think that you do not have an addiction but have an issue with drugs. Well, we all have a biased meaning about what an addict is. Once you take action, which is positive, then there is no need of hiding about being an addict.

We have put down some questions, which were written by recovered addicts in NA. This may help you in questioning your own addiction. Answer these questions with Yes or No. If most of the questions have an answer with Yes, then you seriously need to cure your addiction.  This may not be easy for you, but only you can answer these questions. Please be loyal to yourself while answering:

  1. Are you consuming drug alone?
  2. Is drug necessary for you after you wake up or go to bed?
  3. Did you ever lie to your doctor just to get drugs?
  4. Did steal anything to buy drugs?
  5. Have you ever replaced one drug for another because you thought that common drug was a problem?
  6. Do you ignore people who always tell you to avoid taking drugs?
  7. Did you get detained because of drugs?
  8. When it comes to financial responsibilities, do you prefer drug over it?
  9. Did you try to minimize your usage so that it can be in your control?
  10. Do you have an obsession with a particular object or activity?
  11. Have you ever admitted to a drug rehabilitation center?
  12. Will you be terrified after drugs run out?
  13. Do you have a feeling about your life is impossible for you without drugs?
  14. Do you feel that your home life is bad due to drug?
  15. Do you think that you cannot have good times without using drugs?
  16. Do you feel guilty about your usage?
  17. Do you often dream about drugs?
  18. Have your physical relationships affected due to drugs?
  19. Did you take the drugs you never preferred?
  20. Have used drugs due to pain or stress?
  21. Have you taken an extra dose of the drug?
  22. Has not bad effects of drugs concerned you about its usage?