How Addiction Starts

Is there a single trigger that starts teen’s drug addiction? No, there are many causes that prompt addiction. There are so many drugs in the world appeared for the last century, and some of them are very challenging and dangerous for teenagers. There is an age-old belief that nature and nurture are potential triggers for addiction. Here are some of the critical factors that lead a young person towards addiction.


Children may suffer emotional or sexual abuse in some families. Similarly, some parents are avoidant or authoritative. Divorce is another factor that can impact the mental health of children. Together, these causes can lead to addiction.

Electronic media

General media such as television shows, movies, and video games also impact individual behaviors. When we consider addiction, video games have gone beyond being a hobby or simple distraction. Dopamine is a brain chemical – a neurotransmitter. Every time a player reaches a higher level, the brain releases more dopamine when such action reaches very high levels, dopamine passes to other parts of the brain. With every burst of pleasure, the brain asks for more. The risk associated with the games can result from an uncontrolled craving for dopamine. A direct consequence of this craving is an addiction to cocaine because cocaine quenches the thirst for dopamine instantly.

Friend groups

The social interaction of a person is another factor that can lead him/her into addiction. When the friend groups have many members with drug problems, the path to addiction is quick and easy. Initially, these people want to feel connected and develop a sense of belonging. In other words, patterns in behavior and habits easily spread to everyone in the group.

Religion and Culture

Religion and Culture also carry several triggers for addiction. These can include the geographical area where the person is growing up, religious beliefs in the culture and early teachings and experiences from religious or cultural activities. For example, some cultures accept male drinking while female drinking is not acceptable. It can lead to more promiscuity among young guys and concerning drugs. Sometimes this problematic behavior stems as a rebellious response to such norms.

Environmental impact

For some teenagers, the pub they visit a drink with friends, a social hangout, or even the solitude of their kitchen can trigger their cravings. Such triggers can also balloon when people or places are also associated with drug abuse. Over some time, such environmental impact paves the way to addiction.

The teen syndrome

For a wide range of reasons, teens tend to try drugs the first time. It gets easier for the parents to speak to their teens when they have a good understanding of these reasons. A simple ‘no’ to teens who have friends using drugs or reckoned as ‘cool kids’ can hardly work. Compton is at a particular disadvantage because recent times have seen a marked increase in teens taking to drugs. The free/easy life and fashion trends are also seen as significant contributors to this rising trend.

Summing up

The influencers we have identified for how addiction starts are merely risk factors. This is not a whole list of how addiction starts. The final condition can be caused due to a wide range of factors coming together. But, knowing these and other triggers can help you to minimize their effect on your children.