If You Don’t Know How To Say “No” To Drugs And Alcohol

If You Don’t Know How To Say “No” To Drugs And Alcohol

At one point or another in their lives, all teens are offered the chance to try drugs and alcohol. That is why it is important that they know how to say “no” to what is offered comfortably and confidently.

We can’t predict how our kids will respond, and we can’t be there to force an answer out of them that we approve of. All we can do is talk to our kids and educate them. Educating them and warning them on the dangerous drugs and harming effects of alcohol use is very important to help them in the future.

The best thing to do is to give them options on how to say the words “no”. Teach them a few different ways that can help depending on what kind of situation they may be in.

Some of these excuses can include:

–    I have to go, I promised my mom to help with something.

–    I will get sick if I do that.

–    I can’t, I have to meet somebody in a few minutes.

–    Are you trying to get me in trouble?

–    That’s so unhealthy.

–    Why would you want to try that?

–    You can die from that.

–    Are you suicidal? That stuff can kill you.

–    That’s insane!

–    It’s really just not my thing.

–    I would get in so much trouble.

–    I’m busy.

–    My sports team/job drug tests and I’d get kicked off the team/fired.

–    Absolutely not.

–    I have better things to do.

Being properly educated on the dangers of drug and alcohol use means they can use that to their advantage. They know exactly what could happen and they tell their friends that. This can be a good way for them to feel confident about their answers.

They should hopefully feel comfortable being honest as well. If they just don’t want to try drugs, they should be able to say so without being embarrassed or ashamed. They can make up excuses if they need if they don’t feel comfortable. There are many ways to say “no” to drugs and alcohol.

Kids who take drugs or alcohol may be popular, there may be a new fashion drug that they are pushing on others. That can make it harder for your teen to say no and they may feel pressured into taking it.

Arming your kids with knowledge and the confidence in their own decision-making skills can truly make all the difference. Education is the best step forward. Being honest with your kids about why drugs are harmful but also why people like them can help significantly.

A teen may be interested in the high that comes with a drug or the buzz from alcohol. But if they know the chemical reactions that cause and addiction they may no longer be interested. Much useful info about drugs and abuses targeted for teens you can also find here.