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Our story

We are the Narcotic Anonymous youth center in Compton, an organization that is for teens/youths that have fallen in the well of addiction of Alcohol or drugs. We are one of those treatment centers, which will help you beat your addiction by implementing a 12-step program and thus leading to the path to recovery.

Statistics on Teens and Youths and Addictions

About 21.5 million Americans aged 12 and above fought substance use disorder in 2014. Out of them, about 80% struggled with alcohol addictions. (Source: NSDUH)

Over 7 million Americans fought against Drug addictions in 2014. (Source: NSDUH)

In 2007, ONDCP report came out reporting that drug abuse and addiction has cost America about $200B in healthcare, legal workplace participation costs.

In 2014, NSDUH reports that about one out of twelve teens suffered from drug addiction.

NIAAA reports that about seven hundred thousand American youths between 12 and 17 fought the battle against alcohol addiction in 2013.

According to 2013 NSDUH report, Youth were more likely to suffer addiction 4 times from marijuana or alcohol after 18 yr old of age, if they tried these things before 15 yr old of age than those who tried after 18 yr old of age.

Let us help you overcome your addictions in the right ways.