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  1. What is Narcotics Anonymous (NA)?

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit organization for drug or alcohol addicted men and women. They join NA in hope to get freedom from addiction. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) uses an old 12-step program. It is the second largest 12-step organization after Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) in the world.

  2. What is a Narcotics Anonymous Group (NA Group)?

    Narcotics Anonymous is elementally comprised of NA Groups. NA members who meet frequently make a NA group. Their meeting is held at the same time and places each week. Their main aim is to bring the message to the suffering addict. There are also some groups that have frequent meetings but are considered as a single Group.

  3. What age group is Narcotic Anonymous (NA)?

    Narcotic Anonymous is designed for all the age group members. However, since we are Narcotic Anonymous Youth Center in Compton, we prefer teen/youth group as our members.  Members beyond the youth years are encouraged to attend NA meetings. Members below teen years may not be ready for the NA program. Such kids may depend on others to choose what they want to learn. This reliance on others could lead to the expansion of a teaching program rather than a shared learning experience. There are, however, children who need and are ready for NA program. It is within the autarchy of each Narcotic Anonymous group to minimize the age limit or split into groups according to age.

  4. What can I do to help my children?

    Narcotics Anonymous is a part of a 12-step program group for addicts who are affected by the addiction from alcohol or substance use.

  5. How can Narcotic Anonymous help?

    Through 12-step programs and group meetings, addicts learn skills to live peacefully, communication skills. These kinds of help give them hope for a better way of life. Ex-members who suffered addiction and now are addiction free also, help the newly addicted person by sharing their experience and in the end; this gives hope for a new life to recently addicted person.

  6. Are there Dues or Fees?

     Narcotics Anonymous members are not needed to pay any dues or fees. Narcotic Anonymous works on its own expense. Voluntarily contributions from its members cover the NA group expenses.

  7. What is a 12-step program?

    Initially introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 12 steps program is a program, which helps a person in recovery from addiction or any other behavior problems.  It was originally introduced as a method of recovery from alcoholism.


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