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Our Program

12 Steps Program for Treating Drug Abuse


According to 2014, National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), about one out of every 12 teens in the USA struggles with alcoholism and/or drug use and addiction. Originally introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 12 steps program is a program, which helps a young person in recovery from addiction or any other behavior problems.  It was basically introduced as a method of recovery from alcoholism.

The basic principle of this method is people can help each other achieve and maintain abstention from addiction, but that healing cannot come unless addictors surrender to a higher power. About 74 percent of treatment centers use this method. This method became the foundation of many twelve-steps program groups like ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), CA (Cocaine Anonymous), HA (Heroin Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and many more.

What exactly are those 12 Steps?

Step 1: Admitting to being helpless over addiction

Individual needs to accept that they have lost their ability to control their life over addiction and that their willpower and motivation lost.

Step 2: Accepting there is a Power Greater Than Ourselves

That individual needs to accept that they need help from anything, which is greater than them in order to move forward in recovery.

Step 3: Agreeing to Turn Life Control over to the Higher Power

The individual asked to turn their life control over to a higher power for salving purposes.

Step 4: Taking a Moral Inventory

Then individuals asked to make their detailed and honest personal inventory, writing down anything, which can be, explored their effects and details of each incident.

Step 5: Admitting Wrongdoings to Higher Power, Our self, and others

In this step, individuals have to choose a trusted person to share his/her personal inventory recorded in Step 4. Individuals asked to seek for their forgiveness for their mistakes, which they confessed.

Step 6: Being Prepare for God to Remove Character Defects

This step is about forgetting negativity and the past and diving forward. Individuals pray their higher power to remove their moral defects.

Step 7: Asking Higher Power to Remove Shortcomings

Humbleness is the main key to this step as individuals asked to seek God’s will to make them live their life with humbleness. Humbleness is an important concept in this step.

Step 8: Listing Wrongdoings and Willing to Make Amends to the Person Who Was Harmed

Two lists formed during this step: The first list is of those who need to forgive and the second list is of those from whom they need to seek forgiveness.

Step 9: Making Direct Amends to the Person Who Was Harmed

Individuals will attempt to accept its wrongdoings done to the specific person either through writing letter to them or by confessing directly to them.

Step 10: Take Personal Inventory and When Wrong Admit It 

Individuals need to keep their inventory to themselves every day and immediately correct any wrongs when appears.

Step 11: Praying to God

When a person surrenders themselves physically and emotionally to God, the spiritual aspect is also strengthened.

Step 12: Giving the Message of 12 Step Program to Others in Need

Individuals asked to share their struggles from addiction with others who are struggling with addiction in order to provide hope and encouragement to them.

The Path To Recovery:

This program is for our teens or youths who wrongly fell for addiction very easily. We try our best to become helping hands for our young addictors so that they can have the ray of hope for their normal and easy life thus leading to the best path to their recovery.

Are you interested in finding a 12 Step Program that can beat your addiction? Contact us, as we are one of those treatment centers, which will help you beating your addiction through 12 Step Program and thus leading to the best path to the recovery. Feel free to contact us!

Let us help you overcome your addictions in the right ways.